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General Information About Forensic Psychiatry

Many attorneys visiting this site will have worked with other medical expert witnesses. Having said this, please know that there are only two recognized forensic medical sub-specialties - forensic psychiatry and forensic pathology. Forensic psychiatry has been recognized as an official sub-specialty of psychiatry since 1992. Although there was a "grandfathering" period, any psychiatrist seeking to achieve board certification in forensic psychiatry since that time has been required to complete a comprehensive training program at an accredited institution in order to even be able to sit for the forensic psychiatry board examination.

Dr. Tim's Forensic Background

I completed my forensics training at the University of Rochester in upstate New York in 2008. There, I learned about relevant case law, how to properly evaluate a forensic examinee, how to properly pepare a forensic report and how to effectively testify in Court. I am board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (A.B.P.N.) in general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry & forensic psychiatry. As of 2013, I am one of just over 200 psychiatrists in the United States to hold each of these three board certifications.

I have completed forensic evaluations in a variety of areas in the states of New York and Kentucky. I have training and/or experience in the following types of cases, to name a few (this list is by no means complete):

  • Forensic evaluation of traumatic brain injury (adult and child)
  • Forensic evaluation of toxic exposure brain injury (adult and child)
  • Forensic evaluation of dangerousness (adult and child)
  • Worker's compensation evaluation
  • Independent Medical Examination (IME)
  • Evaluation of for fitness for duty
  • Testamentary Capacity
  • Competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility (adult and child)
  • Competency to waive Miranda rights (adults and juveniles)
  • Ex parte consulting on any number of medical-legal issues

Retaining Dr. Tim as an Expert Witness or Consultant

Once initial contact is made by an attorney, the attorney will have 7 business days to retain my services before my services shall become available to other parties, including opposing counsel of the same case. I am not retained as an expert witness or consultant unless and until I have expressly agreed to participate in the case and have received the requisite retainer fee as well as the signed services contract. I charge an initial fee for consultation which consists of four hours of my billable rate. This portion of the retainer fee is non-refundable and is designed to deter a small minority of unscrupulous attorneys from attempting to prevent me from being retained by opposing counsel without paying any fees.

Click here to download the Forensic Consultant Retainer Agreement