Services Provided


At 360 Mental Health Services we are able to offer a flexible array of services to best meet your loved one’s needs and your family’s budget.  Services range from answering the (not-so-simple) question of "does my child have ADHD" to providing a full-fledged holistic, diagnostic mental health evaluation.  Although this type of 360-degree evaluation is a key feature that differentiates us from many other mental health clinics, we also provide more targeted, time-limited evaluations.  We recognize that some parents or caregivers simply want to know their child's I.Q. or utilize Quotient®, a state-of-the-art ADHD testing system availble at our facility.


Due to cost and other issues, some parents and caregivers will opt solely for the comprehensive, 360-degree psychiatric evaluation.  Other doctors or mental health professionals may then utilize the report as a specialized source of information that only this type of comprehensive evaluation can provide.  On the other hand, some parents and caregivers may wish to continue with 360 Mental Health Services to provide ongoing psychiatric care and treatment.


In addition to diagnostic and treatment services, we also offer consultation services to:

  • School systems (individual schools; districts; state level)
  • Physicians, clinics and hospitals
  • Attorneys
  • Risk management departments
  • HR departments
  • Courts (State and Federal)
  • Many other individuals and corporations

In summary, 360 Mental Health Services, led by Dr. Tim, is able to offer a full range of consultative services in addition to our hallmark 360-degree evaluation.  Feel free to contact us here or call us at 859-948-9471.*

--Dr. Tim

*Please know that we cannot offer any type of medical, medical-legal or other professional or consultative advice unless we are formally retained by an individual or individual representing a corporation or firm. Please see also our Legal Disclaimer section for further details.